Description of fast matrix multiplication algorithm: ⟨2×13×17:340⟩

Algorithm type

[[1, 1, 1]$162,[1, 2, 1]$29,[1, 3, 1]$9,[1, 4, 1]$8,[1, 5, 1]$11,[1, 6, 1]$8,[1, 7, 1]$7,[1, 8, 1]$4,[2, 2, 2]$81,[2, 3, 2]$21]

Algorithm definition

The algorithm ⟨2×13×17:340⟩ is taken from:

John Edward Hopcroft and Leslie R. Kerr. On minimizing the number of multiplication necessary for matrix multiplication. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 20(1), January 1971. [DOI]

Algorithm description

These encodings are given in compressed text format using the maple computer algebra system. In each cases, the last line could be understood as a description of the encoding with respect to classical matrix multiplication algorithm. As these outputs are structured, one can construct easily a parser to its favorite format using the maple documentation without this software.

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